Edmonton Autumn Hafla - Saturday 26th Nov 2005

Samantha & Catherine performing in the show

This Autumn hafla organised by Samantha had a beautifully relaxed and friendly atmosphere with dance students of all levels sharing the classes and performing in the show.

The fun began late afternoon with two fab workshops; Galit’s Funky Egyptian choreography and Yvette Cowles’ Bollywood Workshop.
I chose Yvette’s lesson for something a bit different and it certainly didn’t disappoint. She taught a lively choreography to one of my favourite pieces of music from the glamorous Bollywood film, “Devdas”. Yvette gave lots of interesting background information about the movements and the dance style, both during the lesson and in handouts, and as ever she was a very encouraging teacher.

My friend Ann took Galit’s Funky Egyptian workshop and was singing Galit’s praises. She broke the choreography down into manageable chunks and coped well with the varying levels of experience that the students had. The choreography was definitely funky and Galit’s energetic personality made the workshop great fun as well as a valuable learning experience.

galit enjoying the  after show disco

After the workshops, time was allowed to explore the souk supplied by Ashara Bazaar and friends. I managed to buy a fabulous blue dress that I wore later in the show!

The show was a big success with a wide variety of dancers and styles. Samantha’s students wowed everyone with their troupe dance. The dances ranged from “Toxic” by Britney Spears which worked well contrasted with more traditional Egyptian dances, like the mesmirising Agnieszka’s oriental dance with a dramatic drum solo finale.

Yvette and Galit both performed their choreographies from the afternoon’s workshops, which was useful to see as well as enjoyable. They are both experienced dancers and it shows in their polished performances. Galit finished off the show by inviting the audience onto the dance floor for a lively Arabic disco.

After the show the performance adrenaline was starting to wear off and our tummies were rumbling just in time to dig into the plentiful buffet of houmous and pitas, chicken and couscous and wonderfully sticky Baklava.

Yvette's Bollywood performance

Then we danced until our hips would no longer shimmy and finally crawled home, tired and happy to bed.

Samantha is organising a summer hafla in Edmonton, North London for the 24th June 2006 with Raphaelle, Yvette & Galit teaching workshops. For More information & booking form contact Samantha on 07770 596 634, email samnara@aol.com or visit www.samnara.co.uk